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Optergy is part of a global group of companies with operations in Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, The United States of America and The United Kingdom. Our origins are Australia where our group holding company, Oberix Group, is also one of the largest energy management and building automation companies in the country. The Optergy platform is the most advanced real time energy management and building management system for large buildings, facilities and for distributed enterprises. With the advantage of being able to combine these two systems into one, Optergy offers engineering solutions which help our client increase the comfort level, reduce energy cost and achieve management KPIs of their buildings.


Welcome to the era of real-time energy usage reporting. The first step to optimising your building or facilities energy usage is to have access to real-time reporting. We all know you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Optergy is a system that connects to all your building’s meters (water, electricity, gas) and other building systems such as lighting to collect raw data on consumption, temperatures and flow rates. This data is presented in a series of reports via an intuitive, user-friendly web interface that provides real-time measurements, tailored to a client’s needs. These reports can be accessed anywhere, anytime wherever you have internet connectivity.

Alerts can be set up to advise of anomalies in usage behaviour, or any other activity you need to monitor. Optergy provides the full suite of tools to measure, manage, report and ultimately reduce energy usage.

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