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Celcom Tower

PJ Sentral, Selangor

Celcom Tower is designed to achieve Gold rating for both LEED and Green Building Index (GBI) standard. Situated within the PJ Sentral Garden City, the BMS and EMS installed for the building aims to achieve high energy efficiency for the ACMV (Air Conditioning, Mechanical and Ventilation) system throughout the lifecycle operation. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) level is controlled to meet the LEED and GBI standard with the intent of sustaining the energy target.

The project includes the following equipment/features: -

  • Control and Monitoring of 500+ VAV units

  • Control and Monitoring of 100+ AHUs

  • Control and Monitoring of 100+ FCUs

  • Control and Monitoring of Chilled Water System

  • CO2 Monitoring and Control

  • Energy Consumption Monitoring and Alarming System

  • Energy Monitoring for all major electrical service such as lighting, ACMV, general power etc.

  • Energy Reporting Tools

  • Interfacing and Billing system of the tenant

  • Interfacing to Potable Water Supply

  • ACMV System Maintenance Module

  • People Counting System

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