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Club Med Cherating

Kuantan, Pahang

Club Med is widely known as one of the best holiday destinations. Club Med Cherating has been designed to optimize room temperature and humidity levels. Optergy also implemented Energy Management System for two new residence blocks for Club Med Cherating's employees. The employee rooms are designed with a similar concept as a full hotel room.

Optergy’s Energy Management System (EMS) was deployed to monitor and control Air Conditioning Fan Coil Unit usage within each room. Each of the 102 residence units will be fitted with individual room controller boxes. The control system consists of an FCU on/off control based on feedback from occupancy sensors, temperature sensors and door contacts. The EMS also monitors the electrical and water consumption of the residence blocks.


The project includes the following equipment/features:

  • Individual Room Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System

  • Energy Management System

  • Control and Monitoring of FCUs

  • Monitoring of Electrical and Water Consumption

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