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Paramit Malaysia

Penang Science Park, Penang

Paramit Penang is a state of the art factory situated within the Penang Science Park, the BMS and EMS installed for the building aims to achieve high energy efficiency for the ACMV (Air Conditioning, Mechanical and Ventilation) system throughout the life-cycle operation. Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) level is monitored throughout the facility to ensure constant fresh air supply


The project includes the following equipment/features:


  • Control and Monitoring of Mechanical Equipment

  • Control and Monitoring of Chilled Water System and Chilled Floor Slab Cooling

  • CO2 Monitoring and Control

  • Energy Consumption Monitoring and Alarming System

  • Energy Monitoring for all major electrical service such as lighting, ACMV, general power etc.

  • Energy Reporting Tools

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