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Tenaga Nasional Berhad HQ Campus

Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur

TNB is one of Malaysia’s largest provider for our electricity needs, the TNB HQ campus which consists of four Office Towers, one Society block, one Childcare block, one Convention Centre, and a Podium car park with joint facilities area. Optergy’s Building and Energy Management System (BMS & EMS) was implemented to increase building lifetime operation efficiency and optimize energy usage. Optergy also interfaced with other systems such as the Fire Protection System, Lift Supervisory System and Car Park Management System. Following that, Optergy will serve as a central workstation for all campus subsystems for easy Facility Management


The project includes the following equipment/features:

  • Building Management and Energy Management System

  • Control and Monitoring of 500+ VAVs

  • Control and Monitoring of 70+ AHUs

  • Control and Monitoring of 600+ FCUs

  • Control and Monitoring of Water Pumps and VSDs

  • Control and Monitoring of Exhaust Systems

  • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System

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