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TSGI Cyberport

Cyber 3, Cyberjaya

The building owners of TSGI, a secured data center located at Cyberjaya (Malaysia) required a solution which could empower them to operate their building with ease and reduced risk. The building owners had been operating the data center facilities with insufficient building data and that had created multiple undesired incidents which had caused significant financial and asset damages. Optergy Proton was selected to form an Environment Monitoring System which aims to provide the stakeholders the comfort and confidence in ensuring the data center are in good state of operation.

With the EMS solution, building owners and facility managers have been able to monitor the condition of all its equipment in a real time mode and from anywhere in the world. Whenever there are any faults in one of their equipment, the system will send an immediate notification to the relevant personnel via both SMS and email. In addition to that, the EMS allows them to locate and identify the exact location and equipment which is at fault. Facilities down time has been significantly reduced since the implementation of Optergy Proton.


The project includes the following equipment/features:


  • Monitoring of HT room and LV room

  • Monitoring of chiller plant room

  • Monitoring of temperature and humidity in server room

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