Optergy offers monitoring and management of your building via a secure and user-friendly web-based interface. Our system measures and displays your building’s levels of energy consumption on a real-time basis. This allows better decisions to be made, with the availability of up-to-date and accurate information.


Optergy Enterprise users can log onto the system with an internet connection. From the interface, they users are able to view data/conditions, control the building’s automated system and generate reports/graphical displays, with respect to their own security levels. Optergy Enterprise: A system geared towards efficiency that can be customised to your specific needs to ensure you are constantly well-aware of your building’s state.

If you are a building owner or operator, think of EMS (Energy Management System) as your automated building maintenance personnel.

EMS monitors key parameters related to energy consumption, water usage, waste production within buildings. At the same instant, the system compiles and generates valuable reports which become the references for all key stakeholders come time for decision and policy making relating to the buildings.

With 24/7 monitoring and minimal human intervention in raw data processing, the reports are generated with accuracy and great purpose to suit what the stakeholders are looking for.

In short, Optergy Enterprise helps you manage your facilities even better!

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